To all my good friends and family, I invite you to take a listen to GEMINI, my newest music CD, released June 18, 2017. I have assembled 12 original compositions that employ amazing musicians on guitar, percussion and horns along with my piano.

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Recent Reviews of GEMINI

"Gemini hits on a lot of genres; there's an ambient and atmospheric feel in 'Adrift' and 'Aurora,' while 'Slippery Blues' and 'Smokey Times' are a nice dose of blues ripe for a dimly-lit tavern. But cuts like 'Firecrackers' and 'Downshift' really shine and showcase the fact that Grushkin is a rock and roll player. The ivory isn't being tickled as much as its being thumped; Grushkin is a percussive piano player, and the result is a thumping display of top notch original music."

Bryant Liggett
KDUR Station Manager

Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado